Report and Recording – Ideologies in Crisis – What are the Alternatives? short version

An Ibn Rushd Lecture with the ex-President of Tunisia Dr Moncef Marzouki, Prof Dr Udo Steinbach and Manal Seifeldin. What distinguishes the 21st century from the previous centuries and especially from the 20th century? What facts and realities should we relate to? How do we understand our world today and what is the role that […]

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Light for the Future

project was primarily about bringing refugee women closer to their surroundings. Old and new Berlin women met and took thematic walks in nature, history, politics and culture, getting to know their surroundings and each other better. We then processed the collected impressions and thoughts at subsequent Art Workshops.

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Al Qafila 2018: Concert in Berlin June 29th 2018

Ibn Rushd on tour with Al Qafila 2018 – the cultural caravan on the Journey of Life along the ‘Balkan Route’.
The Qafila al-Hayat sends artists and musicians from seven Arab countries on a Journey of Life to travel as a caravan in the footsteps of the men and women who fled war and destruction in their home countries in the Middle East along what became known as the Balkan Route.
And while they are experiencing their compatriots journey, these young people are on a mission: to show local audiences the rich culture that is a treasure brought by the people traveling towards a future on this most fateful journey of their lives.

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Memorial Speech for Sadiq Jalal al-Azm

On this occasion, I have to admit here that despite my studies of philosophy and Immanuel Kant at the Humboldt University in Berlin, I read Sadiq’s dissertation on Kant’s Theory of Time as one of the black copy books in Damascus – but I never understood it as much as I tried. This immensely increased my respect for the author, of course. But more remarkably, although I was a bit disappointed about myself, it did not matter at all. Not for him, and not for me, because most of the intellectual exchange with him took place orally, in hour-long and night-long conversations, interrupted with witty humour, laughter and human warmth.

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Recollection along my Father’s Journey

Many of you are here to honour Sadik, the thinker, the public intellectual, the philosopher, and the teacher. Others are here in memory of a friend. I am here to honour my father.

I would like to start by saying that Sadik lived his life as he saw fit. He described his life’s journey as “prolific, full and rich, a journey which I enjoyed tremendously, a life with no regrets”. In other words, he did it his way. Just like the Frank Sinatra song.

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Arab Political Thought, the Syrian Revolution & the Question of Asylum

Dr. Housamedden Darwish Ibn Rushd Lecture on Wednesday, 26th April, at 8:00pm in the Lettrétage Berlin. The Syrian philosopher Hosamedden Darwish spoke on Critical Ideas in Arab Political Thought, the Syrian Revolution and the Question of Asylum. In his recently published book Critical texts in Arab Political Thought, the Syrian Revolution and Asylum: In the Example of Bishara and […]

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Carol Mansour: Not Who We Are

The Film “Not Who We Are” portrays the lives of five Syrian women with a different sociocultural background. As refugees in Lebanon, they are fighting against the brutality of their daily lives, and try to rebuild their existence that has been destryed b the war. In the film they allow us to gain an insight into their daily distress, but also into their strengths, resilience and survival instinct.

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