Ibn Rushd Prize 1999

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1999 Al-Jazeera TV Channel

The Ibn Rushd Prize 1999 was announced to be awarded to free press

Logo of Al-Jazeera. Special thanks to Aljazeera Satelite TV

The focus of the award 1999 was journalism: the Ibn Rushd Fund was looking for candidates who had transformed news quality. Al-Jazeera TV Channel, the first satellite broadcaster in the Arab world, revolutionized the local media landscape and received the award for its services to freedom of expression and democracy in the Arab world.

  • Ibn Rushd Certificate 1999
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  • Reports with Pictures
    العربية DeutschAwarding ceremony 1999 In the ceremony, the IBN RUSHD Fund for Freedom of Thought was represented by (from left to right) Dr. Khairi Qattawi, Mr. Sherif, Mr. Bushnaq and […]
  • Press Coverage of the Ibn Rushd Prize 1999
    العربية Deutsch DATE Media + Link 23.10.2001 Die Gazette April 2000 al Liqa al Arabi Spring 2000 INAMO Jan/Feb 2000 News Circle Dec 1999 Al-Liqa’ al-Arabi
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