Principles, Values and Goals

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Ibn Rushd e.V. is a non-profit registered association in Germany.

The association’s sphere of activity is directed towards the Arab countries.

The association is financed by donations and a broad membership.

The association rejects any interference with its principles and goals.

The association and its members have the following goals:

  1. Promoting civil society in the Arab world
  2. Promotion of human rights and democracy in the Arab world
  3. Promotion of freedom of expression, critical thinking, dialogue and tolerance
  4. Promoting dialogue between the Arab world and the West.

To achieve our goals, we award prizes, organise lectures, conduct philosophical discussion groups and maintain an online magazine.

The values of the association, and which form the basis of our actions, are:

Rationality / Humanism / Plurality / Equality / Freedom.

=> Statutes of the association

=> Application for membership

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