Diwan Al-Falsafa

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a philosophical salon à l’arabe, provides all those interested an opportunity to discuss current topics relating to the Arab world. The language of each Diwan is predefined in the invite (German, Arabic, or English); contributions can however be made in Arabic and German and English and will be translated as best possible into the language of the respective diwan. The monthly philosophical salon start with a 5-10 min. introduction to the predefined topic, followed by a moderated discussion amongst all participants, and end in an informal gathering.

Since its launch the following topics have been discussed in the Diwan: Unlimited Freedom of Speech? – Heimat: home&belonging – Alienness – Do social media foster freedom of speech? – Religion and Violence – Fundamentalism – Political Maturity – Utopia as a Necessity – Stateless nations: Problem or Chance? – Identity – Islam and the Civil Society – Post-Secularism – Modernism and Modernity – Humanistic Islam – Individualism & Islam – Integration

More information about some of the recent Diwans

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