Ibn Rushd Preis 2012

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Ibn Rushd Prize 2012

Razan Zaitouneh 

is announced to be awarded to

a young activist of the Arab Spring, who peacefully fights for a democratic state.

  • Call for Nomination
    العربية DeutschCall for Nomination The Ibn Rushd Fund is seeking nominations for the 2012 Ibn Rushd Award:a young activist of the Arab Spring who peacefully fights for a democratic state The […]
  • CV Razan Zaitouneh
    العربية DeutschRazan Zaitouneh Razan Zaitouneh was born in 1977 in Syria. In 1999 she completed her studies at the faculty of law in Damascus and initiated her work as a […]
  • Members of the Jury 2012
    العربية DeutschMembers of the Jury of Ibn Rushd Prize 2012 Taoufik Ben BrikTaoufik Ben Brik was born in 1960 as the son of a trade unionist in Jérissa, a town […]
  • Laudatory: Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach
    العربية DeutschLaudatio on the occasion of the awarding of the 14th Ibn Rushd Prize on November 30, 2012 to Razan Zaituneh, at the Museum of Islamic Art, Pergamon Museum, Berlin. […]
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