Ibn Rushd Prize 2000

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Issam Abdulhadi

Issam Abdulhadi giving speach during the 2000 Ibn Rushd Prize awarding ceremony.

was announced to be awarded to
Emancipation of women and struggle for equal rights in the Arab World.

  • Members of the Jury 2000 – Emancipation of women in the Arab World
    العربية DeutschAli A. Attiga Dr. Ali Attiga has spent more than 37 years working in different areas of economic and social development. He is the vice-Chairman of the World Energy Council […]
  • Call for nomination 2000
    العربية DeutschAnnouncment: Ibn Rushd Prize for Emancipation of Women in the Arab World The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought announces that the Ibn Rushd Prize will be awarded […]
  • Press release: Ibn Rushd Prize 2000
    العربية DeutschPress Release: Woman’s Emancipation in the Arabic World – Wishful Thinking or a Realistic Perspective? This Year’s Ibn-Rushd-Prize for Freedom of Thought is Presented to Palestinian Women’s Rights Activist […]
  • Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought 1999-2000 in the Press
    العربية DeutschIbn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought 1999-2000 in the Press 17.2.98  al-Hayat 09.04.98               al-Ahram International 10.12.98               al-Ahram Evening 10.12.98               al-Quds 11.12.98               Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 12.12.98               al-Hayat 17.12.98               al-Ahram- […]
  • Pictures from the Awarding Ceremony 2000
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