Ibn Rushd Lectures

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The Ibn Rushd Lectures take place at irregular intervals, yet steadily. They centre on the subject of Europe and the Arab World, viewed from the most different perspectives.

How does Europe see itself, what is the Arab World’s self-perception, what do we think of each other? And how much ‘other’ are these others, or is this ‘Other’ rather a construction which has more to do with one’s own self-perception than with who the other really is? And what exactly is the potential lying in the interacting of the two cultures, what could it be like, if they defined themselves through what they have in common rather than through seemingly insurmountable differences?

The Ibn Rushd Lectures want to open up new aspects and thoughts in their particular fields, on the Arab World, Europe’s view of it and vice versa, and the respective self-perception, which may ideally become a little less self-evident through the thought-provoking impulses given by our series of lectures.

The lecture series will migrate and take up residence at a suitable place according to the repective content of the lecture; duration of stay limited the duration of the lecture. The language of the lectures will also vary, mostly between the languages we use at the Ibn Rushd Fund, so Arabic, German, English, and French.

The lectures and talks will be made available if possible on our website after each event, as a youtube-video or as mp3.

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