Climate Change and Sustainable Environment: Challenges of Environmental Media in the Arab World

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today, as it affects various aspects of our lives, including the environment, economy, health, food security, and society as a whole. The Middle East and North Africa region, in particular, is among the most affected regions by climate change, facing dramatically rising temperatures, water scarcity, extreme rainfall events, and rising sea levels. Urgent and concerted efforts from governments and communities are required to effectively address these challenges or at least prepare for these radical changes.

To actively engage in tackling this pressing issue, we are pleased to organize our upcoming event in Arabic language to discuss the role of media in the societal response to climate change in the region. Key questions to be addressed during the event include:

  1. How does climate change affect daily life and social relationships in the Arab world?
  2. What is the importance of various media outlets in disseminating information and news related to climate change in the Arab world?
  3. How can environmental media contribute to raising awareness and taking action to address climate change in the Arab world?
  4. What are the main challenges facing environmental media in raising awareness about climate change in the Arab world?

The lecture is presented jointly by journalists Mabrouka Khedir, Dr. Khaled Suleiman, and Dr. Mohamed Tharwat.

The session is moderated by Dr. Amany Alsiefy and Eng. Hikmat Bashnaq (Ibn Rush for Freedom of Thought)

Dr. Mohamed Tharwat is a researcher, journalist, and Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Automotive Engineering and Technology. He teaches in the Development Media program at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies at the Arab League University. He has supervised many master’s and doctoral theses for researchers on environmental issues. One of his most important studies is the book: “Introduction to Development Media: Fatwa and Sustainable Development in the Service of Humanity”, “the role of digital media in supporting sustainable development issues” and “Development Media and Raising Awareness About Climate Change”. In addition, Dr.Tharawat holds the position of Editor-in-Chief at Al-Youm Al-Sabea Egyptian newspaper and serves as a Media Adviser at the Council of Representatives. Find more via the following link:

Mabrouka Khedir works as a director, producer, journalist, and

correspondent for Deutsche Welle and France 5. She is also an investigative journalist for, Al-Katiba, and Jadalia. Mabrouka provides media development training with the DW Academy in North Africa and investigative journalism training at the Media Development Center (MDC). She is also an instructor in the field of investigative storytelling at the Institute of Journalism and News Sciences. As a director and producer, she won the Best Integrated Work Award for her film “Descendants of Slaves” at the International Tetouan Festival in Morocco. She has also produced and directed environmental documentaries in recent years, including “The Oil Window” and “The Struggle for Survival.” In February 2023, Mabrouka Khedir launched the digital media platform COSMOS, along with a full team, with the aim of highlighting environmental issues and increasing awareness among Tunisians and the Arabic-speaking audience about climate change issues. COSMOS is a digital platform specialized in the field of environment and sustainable development, available in both Arabic and French.

:More on Cosmos on via the following link

Khaled Suleiman is a journalist specializing in environmental issues and climate change. In addition to writing for Arab and Kurdish press, he also contributes to international publications such as Der Spiegel, Courrier International, and National News. Suleiman works on issues related to the impacts of climate change in the Middle East and North Africa and has published a journalistic guide titled “Climate Mail” on this subject. He has also written a book about Iraq titled “Water Guardians… Drought and Climate Change in Iraq,” as well as another book on the relationship between environmental degradation and the spread of emerging diseases in our contemporary world.

You find more Souleiman’s work on media and environment under the following link:

The event in arabic language will be held in Arabic at 7:00 PM on 16th, September 2023 via Zoom.

please register using the following link:

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