Ibn Rushd Prize 2002

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Azmi Bishara

Picture of Azmi Bishara
Azmi Bishara, courtesy of the official Azmi Bishara Facebook page.

The prize was announced to be awarded to an Arab parliamentarian, who struggled to consolidate democracy and the system of political pluralism in Arab society

  • Press Coverage
    العربية DeutschLinks to press coverage (some links might not be active any more):PDF
  • CV Prize winner:
    العربية DeutschAzmi Bishara Place of Birth: NazarethDate of Birth: July 22, 1956 Dr. Azmi Bishara was member of the Knesset and founding   member of the National Democratic Assembly (NDA), representing […]
  • Members of the Jury – Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought 2002
    العربية DeutschZulaikha Abd ar-Rahman Abu Risha (Jordan)Abu Risha studied Arabic Literature at Jordan University and is preparing her doctoral thesis on „Women in Arabic Feminist Literature” at the University of […]
  • Press Release: Ibn Rushd Prize 2002
    العربية DeutschPDF The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought awards its prize this year to Dr. Azmi Bishara, an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset. The prize, awarded for […]
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