Minbar Ibn Rushd – 14th issue summer 2013

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Table of Contents


Abier Bushnaq
English  German  Arabic

Arab education: A Western super-structure with a sub-structure from the dark ages

            Habib Abd ar-Rabb Sururi – Yemen

The role of women as philosophers in the history of Western philosophy

            Muhammad Julub al-Farhan – Iraq/Kanada

The historical novel: Imitation or overcoming reality on the example of the trilogy of Naguib           Mahfouz

Mamduh Farrag an-Nabi – Palestine (’48)


Hamid Fadlalla – Sudan/Germany
English  Arabic

The Arab spring and political Islam

Sadiq Jalal al-Azm – Syria

‘Abd al-Raḥman al-Kawākibī: An enlightenment more than ever important in our dark present

Salam Kawakibi – Syria/France

The Ibn Rushd Fund school magazine competition (pilot project Palestine)

The school magazine competition (Report)
The four competing school magazines
– Al-Ghusn
– Al-Fikr al-hurr
– Nabd al-ibda’
– Nabd al-qalam

Members of the Jury

Evaluation of the Jury (Arabic)

The Ibn Rushd Certificate for School Journalism

Fotos and TV interview with Nabil Bushnaq

  • Sudan/South Sudan Conference, Hermannsburg, Germany 2012 – Speech held by Hamid Fadlalla
    العربية DeutschDear Marina, dear HermannLadies and Gentlemen Since a quarter of a century we have been meeting every year in Hermannsburg, this charming and delightful city in Lower Saxony,  at the invitation of Sudan Forum and Sudan Focal Point – Europe […]
  • Editorial – 14th issue summer 2013
    العربية DeutschDear readers! The focus of the last issue of Minbar was – like in previous issues – the Arab revolution. The call for change is undeniably clear. But where do we start? There are many diverse and complex problems This […]
  • Members of the Jury of the Ibn Rushd School Magazine Project
    العربية DeutschIbn Rushd Prize for School Journalism 2013Competition between four groups of pupils – two from a girls’ school and two from a boys’ school in Tulkarm/Palestine Dr. Hamid FadlallaHamid Fadlalla is a Sudanese specialist doctor and author, resident of Berlin. […]
  • Young Journalists
    Young journalists was a press competition project for pupils of from each one boys and one girls school in Tulkarem – Palestine A joint work between the Palestinian Ministry of Education and the Ibn Rushd Foundation for Free Thought. This is to activate the student’s relationship with problems in their environment and to discuss them completely freely. The competition took place for a period of three months, during which students participating had to go to libraries and the Internet in search for sources of news.

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