Minbar Ibn Rushd – 8th issue winter 2006

Dear reader! Starting from the assumption that there must be found a way out of the dilemma of terrorism and that the reasons for the crisis in the relationship between the Islamic world and the West must be overcome by working out a solution together, a group of German diplomats, who have formally served in Arab countries, addressed the EU with an open letter of appeal.

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Minbar Ibn Rushd – 6th issue autumn 2004

On August the 28th 2004 in Oxford the annual meeting „Project for Democracy Studies in the Arab World“ took place for the 14th time. This meeting of Arab academics is extraordnary, has it not indeed established itself throughout the years as a highly respected forum, in which modern Arab intellectuals elaborate on current issues that move the emotions of millions of Arabs around the world to find solutions for what seems to be insoluble. It is remarkable that this project, which was founded in the middle of Europe, has since then been a forum organized by Arabs for Arabs.

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