Minbar Ibn Rushd 21st issue spring 2018

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Table of Content

Cora Josting, Abier Bushnaq
English Arabic German

Sadiq my dearest
Eman Chaker al-Azm – Syria / Germany
Arabic  German

Recollection along my Father’s Journey
Ivan al-Azm – Syria / USA
English Arabic

Sadiq’s work & its significance in Europe
Werner Ende – Germany
German  Arabic 

Sadiq and the Ibn Rushd Fund
Nabil Bushnaq (Founder of the Ibn Rushd Fund) – Palestine/Germany German  Arabic 

Memorial Speech for Sadiq al-Azm
Carsten Wieland (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) – Germany
English Arabic

Sadiq’s texts – a comparison from Beirut to Berlin
Fadia Foda – Lebanon/Germany
German   Arabic

Sadiq al-Azm and the Syrian revolution
Mohammed Chawich (Syrian Writers’ Association) – Syria / Germany German   Arabic

  • Editorial – 21rst issue spring 2018
    العربية DeutschDear Readers, he lived most of his life in his home land, but his work was effective in the entire Arab world … he died secluded in exile in Berlin where he lived the last few years of his […]
  • Memorial Speech for Sadiq Jalal al-Azm
    On this occasion, I have to admit here that despite my studies of philosophy and Immanuel Kant at the Humboldt University in Berlin, I read Sadiq’s dissertation on Kant’s Theory of Time as one of the black copy books in Damascus – but I never understood it as much as I tried. This immensely increased my respect for the author, of course. But more remarkably, although I was a bit disappointed about myself, it did not matter at all. Not for him, and not for me, because most of the intellectual exchange with him took place orally, in hour-long and night-long conversations, interrupted with witty humour, laughter and human warmth.
  • Recollection along my Father’s Journey
    Many of you are here to honour Sadik, the thinker, the public intellectual, the philosopher, and the teacher. Others are here in memory of a friend. I am here to honour my father. I would like to start by saying that Sadik lived his life as he saw fit. He described his life’s journey as “prolific, full and rich, a journey which I enjoyed tremendously, a life with no regrets”. In other words, he did it his way. Just like the Frank Sinatra song.
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