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Kinda Hattar

Kinda Hattar has worked with Transparency International (TI) for 5 years as the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regional Advisor, she has developed TI presence in Tunisia and Jordan in addition to building the capacity of other chapters in the region.

In her capacity, Kinda drives the expertise of working with stakeholders in the Arab Region ranging from Government officials to NGOs to ensure the maximum impact. She is responsible for strategic decisions in the project course, liaison with local, regional and global stakeholders (e.g. judges, local associations, other CSOs (Civil society organizations) outside the chapter, other chapters in the MENA and organizations such as World Bank and IMF, including sub-sets of initiatives such as the StAR alliance and the AFAR.

In addition, Kinda monitors the political and anti-corruption developments in countries, and analyses reputational risks and seek media opportunities in the MENA region to inform the advocacy work of TI in promoting transparency and Integrity with all concerned stakeholders.

She joined TI from UNDP in Jordan working on Enhancing Capacity of the Ministry for Political Development and Political Parties Project. She also worked with youth, women and people with disabilities as the Governance Project Manager for the British Council. She also worked as the Pogramme Coordinator at the National Centre for Human Rights in Jordan.

Previously she has worked as Community Services Officer with Care International which encouraged her to finish her LLM in Human Rights Law from the University of Nottingham.

Kinda started her career as a Journalist reporting on Human Rights. She holds as a first degree B.A in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Yarmouk

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