Minbar Ibn Rushd: 20th Issue autumn 2016

we warmly welcome you to this new edition of Minbar Ibn Rushd, our online magazine. Here are our topics:

In December 2015 the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik – SWP) in Berlin published a study entitled “The bitter harvest of the Arab Spring. Transformation, the change of the elite and a new social Mobilization” by Dr. Muriel Asseburg and Heiko Wimmen, now translated into Arabic and reviewed here by Dr. Hamid Fadlalla and Fadia Foda. The article summarises the main points of the study and discusses the development, aftermath and perspective of the Arab Spring revolutions. After this extensive analysis, which examines the dimensions of this wide movement and the regional and international complications, the conclusion reached is that it is a bitter harvest after five years of instability.

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