Minbar Ibn Rushd – 13th issue spring 2013

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Table of Contents

            Abier Bushnaq
            English  German  Arabic

Ignition of the self – a Bouazizi-tsunami
            Khaled Saifi – Palestine

What is the difference between a secular state and a civil state?
            Habib Abd al-Rabb Sururi – Yemen

The solution is that the people take over government?
            Sobhi Ghandour – Lebanon /USA

Interview with Sami Kilani ’The symbol of resistance is not the bullet!’
            Sami Kilani – Palestine
            English  German  Arabic

State and Revolution
Amr Shobaki – Egypt

An Arab view of the Tunisian Revolution
            Abdallah Tourkmani – Syria/Tunisia

The spirit is out of the bottle
            Hakam Abdel-Hadi – Palestine/Germany

Utopia Choir – “The people demand the life of the square”
            Faiha Abdulhadi – Palestine/Jordan
            English  Arabic

Hosni Mubarak’s speech to the Egyptian people – poem
            Ahmad Fuad Najm – Egypt
            English  Arabic

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