Utopia Choir – “The people demand the life of the square” by Dr. Faiha Qasem Abdulhadi

“Tomorrow, when we bring all cowards to justice… Egypt will live safely”The Revolution Utopia Choir The Egyptian popular revolution was characterized by the accurate slogans it launched since its eruption on January 25, 2011. It found its artistic expression in The Revolution Utopia Choir, one of the creative cultural events, which took place in Egypt […]

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Interview with Sami Kilani ”The Symbol of Resistance Is Not the Bullet!”

How do you define the term “non-violence”?Sami Kilani: Non-violence means respect for another person. I reject the notion of degrading another as a person or as a society and thereby regarding them as something less human. This means applying the same standards to another person as you would to yourself.

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