Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought 2022
Speech of the Prize Winner Nayla Tabbara

It is an honor to be receiving the Ibn Rushd Prize for both my personal work and on behalf of Adyan, the foundation for diversity, solidarity and human dignity that we co-founded in Lebanon 16 years ago, and that has been relentlessly working for inclusive citizenship, for freedom of religion and belief, for education on […]

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The Ibn Rushd Prize 2022: Call For Nomination

The Ibn Rushd Prize 2022 therefore calls for:

an institution or a person who fostered or protected religious freedom in their region or country – including the freedom from religion and the possibility of choosing another religion, as well as the freedom from the obligation to marry within the same religious group – and therewith not only countering all kinds of sectarianism as well as the abuse of power by political and religious authorities, but fostering pluralism, tolerance and peace within society.
The person’s or institution’s work must have fostered and protected religious freedom sustainably for all, not only for specific individuals or specific groups in a society.

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