Laudatory speaker (CV)


Ibn Rush Price 2019

Omézine Ben Chikha
Omézine Ben Chikha
  • Born in Tunisia.
  • Obtained certificates of “efficiency in research” with a university research on the aesthetics of Adreno in French in 1990.
  • PhD in modern philosophy with a research on Kant and on the qualification of philosophy in the field of philosophy of art and aesthetics in 2000.
  • Tunisian researcher specializing in philosophy.
  • Professor of Art philosophy and aesthetics in  University of Tunis El Manar, 1998-2019.
  •  An activist in the field of freedom and civil society.
  • Had media experience in Audio-written journalism.
  • Wrote books on philosophy and aesthetics i.e. Art is out of joint , Beirut 2011,  The wounded from the sky (novel) , Beirut, 2012, Laugh you oriental fate (poetry) , Algiers, 2013, You’re not going insane alone today, Beirut, 2013, Liberation of the sensible, Beirut, 2014, Art in the time of terrorism, Beirut, 2016, Art and the sacred , towards and aesthetical belonging to the world. Mouminoun Without borders, 2019, Arab revolutions, a non-autobiography. (in collaboration with Fethi Meskini).
  • Radio program producer 2013-2019.
  • A member at the laboratory of modernity and enlightenment and cultural diversity.
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