Ibn Rushd Award 2019 CV Sarah Qaed

Sarah Qaed

is an artist from Bahrain currently living in Newcastle, UK.
She practices art via editorial caricatures, drawings, comics, illustrations, wearable pieces, and anything in between, delivering an interdisciplinary approach in her work. Her daily caricatures focus on refugees, women, corruption, power, human existence, and contradictions. Her passion for caricature as a visual language led her to experiment with different methods and materials to present this kind of art.
Sara received her B.A in interior design from AL-Ahlia University in Bahrain and completed her studies with an M.A in Fine Arts at Teesside University, Middleborough, UK. In 2009 she began working as a journalist and her work was published in local and international newspapers, such as Al-Araby, AL-Jaded, and Huffington Post Arabic.
She worked as an administrative coordinator at QQA (The National Authority of Qualification and Quality Assurance for Education and Training), besides being an illustrator of children’s stories for the “Anas” magazine and for the Royal Charity Organization, 2010-2011. Currently she works in the field of design with a group of young artists and also holds the position of a cartoon Artist in Al-Naba weekly newspaper.
Sara Qaed’s work was exhibited at the Bahrain National Museum and in the group exhibition “Identity Borders” at the AL-Riwaq Gallery, Bahrain, as well as in Palestine and Qatar. She was invited to exhibit international forums such as the Harlem Festival in the Netherlands and the Arab Caricature Festival in the Theater de Warande in Belgium.

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