Minbar Ibn Rushd 19th issue Spring 2016

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Table of Contents


 Abier Bushnaq
Deutsch Arabisch Englisch

The body of the other (towards a post-Islamic subjectivity)

Rachid Boutayeb – Morocco/Germany
German Arabic

Women’s Writing

Muhammad Baqi Muhammad – Syria

The cultural phenomena of “archives and power”: “Who writes history? Who makes history?” About a discussion at the conference
“The oral tradition in times of change: gender, documentation and the construction of the archive”, September 27, 2015 in Cairo

Faiha Abdulhadi – Palestine

The Arab societies in confrontation with fundamentalism and Salafi currents

Habib Haddad – Syria

Book Review “The end of the Middle East, as we know it” by Volker Perthes

Hamid Fadlalla – Sudan/Germany

Book Review “The Arab World in the 20th century: optimism – radical chance – perspectives” by Prof. Udo Steinbach

Hamid Fadlalla – Sudan/Germany

A Selection of translated poems from “Instructions within” by the in
            Saudi Arabia detained Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh

Ashraf Fayadh – Saudi Arabia

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