Excerpt from the novel “al-Qawqa’a. Yawmiyyat mutalassis” (The Shell. Memoirs of a Hidden Observer)

Mustafa Khalifa I wrote most of these diaries in the desert prison. But the word “wrote” isn’t quite accurate. There are neither pens nor paper to write on in the desert prison. This colossal structure—made up of Courtyard Zero, seven more courtyards, thirty-seven dormitories, new, unnumbered dormitories, cells in the fifth courtyard, and still more […]

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Minbar Ibn Rushd – 18th issue Winter 2015/2016

Table of Contents EditorialGerman English Arabic Arab Prison Literature Radwa Ashour – EgyptEnglish Experience with writing – Afterword to the autobiography “Dreams of freedom”            Aisha Odeh – Palestine            German The slow death of Muhammad Lghalu “- translated excerpt from the autobiography” Tazmamart: az-Zinzana raqam 10 (Tazmamart, cellule no. 10) Ahmed Marzouki – MoroccoGerman Excerpt from the novel […]

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