Minbar Ibn Rushd: 17th Issue, Summer 2015

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Abier Bushnaq
Arabic  English  German

The founding myths of the discourse of extremism – Sheikh Muhammad Habash’s Saturday speech and his answers of the questions addressed to him by the audience

Muhammad Habash – Syria

Cultural interaction between the Muslim world and the West – Ibn Rushd’s   criticism of Galenus in his medical encyclopedia al-Kulliyāt fī al-ṭibb (Colliget, The general principles of medicine)

            Hassan Kamel Ibrahim – Egypt

Averroes, the philosopher of enlightenment

Ali Khalil Hamad – Palestine

Let us do justice to our history and set things right

Malak Talal – Saudi Arabia

The logic of Empires – American as example!

Mohammed Baqi Mohammed – Syria

The crisis of the Arab mind … and the failure of projects of enlightenment

Habib Haddad – Syria

The spirit of modernity – Book review “The impossible state: Islam, politics and the crisis of morality in modernity” by Wael Hallaq

Rachid Boutayeb – Morocco/Germany

The culture of dialogue – Book review “The prophethood of Mohamed: History and construction: an access towards a critical reading” by Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud

Hamid Fadlalla – Sudan/Germany

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