Call for Nomination

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Call for Nomination

The Ibn Rushd Fund is seeking nominations for the 2012 Ibn Rushd Award:
a young activist of the Arab Spring who peacefully fights for a democratic state
The revolutions and political upheaval in Syria and Tunisia, in Egypt and Yemen, demonstrations and protests in further Arab countries – without the unconditional dedication of young women and men all this would not have been thinkable, and even less possible. Wanting to break away from outdated thought patterns and the paternalism and despotism they have had to endure ad nauseam, these youth have become the voice of a new era, and the imaginative use of new media has carried their message.

Therefore the Ibn Rushd Award calls for nominations of a:
Young Activist

of the Arab Spring. It is indispensable that his or her fight for change and restart, justice and freedom, democracy and basic human rights in the Arab world be non-violent.
By honouring a young person and his or her dedication to civil values, the Ibn Rushd Fund wants to honour the outcry of a whole generation: many young people have risked their personal freedom, integrity and in many cases even their lives in this struggle. They have set in motion changes which are not only unique in Arab history, but also irreversible.

Any member of the public may nominate a candidate (excepting oneself). The candidate’s immediate sphere of activity should be in the Arab world. This year, the Ibn Rushd Fund has set an age limit to ensure the appreciation of a young activist, so candidates must not be older than 40 years.
An independent jury will select the winner of the Ibn Rushd Prize for 2012 from among the nominees.

The award is financed exclusively by the Ibn Rushd Fund members’ fees and donations.

Please fill out the form on our website for your nomination and include a justification for nomination and, if known, a short vita of the candidate, and submit these data by mail, e-mail or fax to the address below. Nominations can be in Arabic, German, French or English. The deadline for nomination is June 1, 2012.

The Prize includes a 2500 Euro award which is financed exclusively by membership fees and members’ donations.
The Ibn Rushd Prize is to be presented during a public ceremony at the end of November 2012 in Berlin.

Previous winners of the Ibn Rushd Award: Ibn Rushd Prize

The winner of the award is expected to be presented to the public in a ceremony at the end of November in Berlin, Germany.

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