Minbar Ibn Rushd – 10th issue summer 2010

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Methodical Introduction into the Study of Arab-Islamic Thought in the Middle Ages 
Muhammad Ahmad az-Zoebi  – Syria/Germany

Why Scientific Thinking has Failed in Modern Arab Thought
Abd ar-Razzaq Id – Syria/France

Progressive Thought in Contemporary Islam – A Critical Approach
Christian W. Troll – Germany

The Arab Critical Discourse – Between the Heritage Integration and the Horizon of Interpretation
Khalid Slaiki – Morocco

Igniting the Arab Scientific Revolution
Edgar Choueiri – Lebanon/USA

Secularization of Arab Thought: Towards Dividing Logic and Religion – Germany
Sonia Hegasy – Germany

Statement by Nabil Bushnaq, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Ibn Rushd Fund in Commemoration of the Death of al-Mohammed Abed al-Jabri at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (30.06.2010)
Nabil Bushnaq – Palestine/Germany

Is Capitalism the End of History? On Occasion of Awarding the Economist Prof. Dr. Samir Amin the Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought in Berlin
Kadhim Habib – Iraq/Germany

Edwad Said: Boundless Humanism
Hazim Khairy  – Egypt

Edward Said: The intellectual Cosmopolitan and his multidimensional Character
Abdallah Tourkmani – Syria/Tunisia

The East in German Literature of the 19th Century – The Tragedy of “Almansour” as Example
Sarjoun Karam – Lebanon/Germany

An Appreciation of Heinrich Heine’s Drama „Almansor“
Tawfiq Dawani – Palestine/Germany

  • The Arabic Critical Discourse – Between the heritage integration and the horizon of interpretation by Dr. Khalid Slaiki
    العربية Deutsch“However the problems of reading do not stop at the limits of exploring the meanings in their historical contexts but rather exceed this in an attempt to reach the modern ‘significance’ of a heritage text, in any cognitive domain. Also, I do not think that to reach the ‘significance’ is a matter of choice, […]
  • Editorial – 10th issue summer 2010
    العربية DeutschDear readers! We are very pleased to inform you that our internet magazine Minbar Ibn Rushd (Ibn Rushd Forum) is to resume regular publication after a long interval of a few years with three to four issues per year. We start with an extensive first issue. The subject of Minbar’s 10th issue is “Arab […]
  • Igniting the Arab Scientific Revolution by Edgar Choueiri
    العربية DeutschCan the Arab world become a major contributor to the advancement of the sciences, as it once was many centuries ago? Does it need to? If so, how best to go about it? Before I attempt to address these questions I will start by letting you in on a secret. It is about a […]

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