Minbar Ibn Rushd, 3rd issue winter 2002

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Table of Contents

Abier Bushnaq

Ibn Rushd’s Contribution to the Improvement of Arab Women’s Right
Dr. George Tamer

Moslems in Secular state: From Civil Rights to Social Commitment
Heiner Bielefeldt

New Secularism in the Arab World
Ghassan F. Abdullah

Criticism of Civilisation in the Arabic Literature of the 19.th Century, Ahmad Faris ash-Shidyaq
Abier Bushnaq

Mahmoud Darwish on the Occasion of the 53th Anniversary of the Nakba
Mahmoud Darwish
Arabic German

Geographies of the Self: Text and Space in Anton Shammas’s Arabesques
Christian Szyska

The Liberation of Women is the Liberation of Men
Balkis Hamid Hasan

This is the Colour of my Skin A Poem
by Balkis Hamid Hasan

Enough for Me A Poem
by Fadwa Touqan

  • New Secularism in the Arab World
    العربية DeutschBy Ghassan F. Abdullah(*)  A major movement of secular writing in Arabic has been gaining strength and depth over the last fifteen years, little reported by outsiders.1 It is going into new directions, well beyond a mere reaction to Islamic fundamentalismwhich grew mostly afterKhomeini took over in Iran in 1979. This article is a […]
  • Enough for Me
    العربية DeutschEnough for me to die on her earthbe buried in herto melt and vanish into her soilthen sprout forth as a flowerplayed with by a child from my country.Enough for me to remainin my country’s embraceto be in her close as a handful of dusta sprig of grassa flower.  Fadwa Touqan2001 ShareTweetFollow us
  • Geographies of the Self: Text and Space in Anton Shammas’s Arabesques*
    العربية DeutschChristian Szyska After its publication Anton Shammas’s Galilean family saga Arabeskot set in motion intense debates among literary critics about the Jewishness of Hebrew literature. [1] The interest among the general public for this semi-autobiographical novel of an Arab Israeli has been accompanied by ongoing scholarly debate.[1] All critics are aware of the central […]

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