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Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

Fostering Freedom of Thought and Democracy in the Arab World

The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought was founded on December 10th, 1998, in commemoration of the 800th anniversary of Ibn Rushd’s (Averroes’) death, and on the 50th anniversary of the declaration of Universal Human Rights. It is an independent organization registered in Germany. Its founding members are mainly of Arab origin who live in Germany. Meanwhile, the fund’s members and sponsors are spread all over Europe, the Arab countries and North America. The sphere of activity, however, is the Arab world.

The fund’s goals

The fund’s goal consists in fostering freedom of thought, democracy and the courage to stand up for one’s beliefs in the Arab world. The Ibn Rushd Fund wants Arab culture to strive for rationalism and tolerance. Supporting the ideas of freedom of thought and democracy is an important starting point to catch up with the process of world civilization. To this end, the fund collects money to honour people who have rendered outstanding services to these goals. In this way, endeavours for freedom and democracy in the Arab World will be supported.

The fund also launches campaigns in favour of persons who because of their political or social activities and beliefs come into conflict with their governments.


All the fund’s activities are achieved on honorary basis. All expences of the fund including the annual awards are financed exclusively by donations and fees, which has preserved ist independence.

Who supports us?

The Ibn Rushd Fund has received positive feedback from many Arab intellectuals, among others Aziz al-Azmeh, Adonis, Muhammad Abid al-Gabiri, Sadiq Galal al-Azm, Shawkat al-Kailani, Ahmad Sidqi ad-Dagani, and Haidar Abd al-Shafi.

Much support is given by members of the independent Jury, which is annually created anew and made up of personalities from the Arab World and Europe. The co-operation with the laudatory speakers, who are invited to speak in honour of the prize winners – most of them German academics with a specialization on the prize subject –, too, is an invaluable profit.

Magazine (Minbar Ibn Rushd)

On the website of the Ibn Rushd Fund a forum is offered to Arab and non-Arab intellectuals where ideas can be exchanged on transformation processes in der Arab World between tradition and modernity. Academic analyses, conference papers and reports to be published in the fund’s magazine Minbar Ibn Rushd can be sent to the fund’s adress below (preferably by eMail).


Join the Ibn Rushd Fund and help supporting freedom of thought and the protection of human rights in the Arab world!
These values are a reliable basis for establishing a free democratic society.


2019|Sara Qaed|Bahrain|Caricature
2017|Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN)|Palestine|Fight against corruption
2015|Aisha Odeh|Palestine|Prison literature
2015|M. Khalifa|Syria|Prison literature
2015|A. Marzouki|Morocco|Prison literature
2014|Rachid Ghannouchi|Tunisia|Modern Islam
2013|Rim Banna|Palestine|Music
2012|Razan Zaitouneh|Syria|Arab Spring
2011|Sihem Bensedrine|Tunisia|Journalism
2010|al-Hewar al-Mutamaddin||Internet-platform/Blog
2009|Samir Amin|Egypt|Economy
2008|Mohammed Abed al-Jabri|Morocco|Arab Renaissance
2007|Nouri Bouzid|Tunisia|Film
2006|Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim|Sudan|Human Rights
2005|Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid|Egypt|Reform of Islam
2004|Sonallah Ibrahim|Egypt|Litterature engagé
2003|Mohammed Arkoun|Algeria|Philosophy
2002|Azmi Bishara|Palestine|Politics
2001|Mahmoud Amin El Alem|Egypt|Criticism
2000|Issam Abdulhadi|Palestine|Women’s Rights
1999|al-Jazeera TV Satelite Channel|Qatar|Journalism
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