Ibn Rushd Fund mourns the death of the 2009 Ibn Rushd award winner Samir Amin

Today we are saying farewell to a pioneer, a global economic expert and a courageous political activist.
Samir Amin had a wide horizon and a rare ability to conduct research in the field coupled with a comparative historical perspective.

Samir Amin remained faithful to the continuation of his scientific career, which began with his famous publication at the young age of 25 years ” Accumulation on a World Scale: A Critique of the Theory of Underdevelopment.”

He then followed his critique and analysis of the globalized capitalist system, his review of socialist experiments, his field and social studies in the Arab and African world, Calling for independent development and disengagement that does not mean isolation from the global community, calling for the formation of global popular solidarity movements and for an international system that is multicentred i.e. not focused on one or two global powers, a system that achieves peace, equality and justice.

Samir Amin’s work was not confined to the economic field, but he was also active in the cultural and creative fields. Revealing the organic relationship between the economy, culture and politics. He says: “A social revolution without a cultural revolution is destined to failure, and democracy is one of the critical conditions for social and economic development”.

The absence of this remarkable thinker at this critical historical moment in the history of the Arab region is a terrible loss, but we seek comfort in the scientific legacy that Samir Amin left that will benefit the current and future generations.

Samir Amin peace to your soul

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