Editorial – 12th issue, winter 2011/2012

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Dear readers!

In this issue we continue pursuing the subject of “Arab thought” and dedicate ourselves to a number of modern Arab philosophers, whose work have shaped the spirit of Arab modernity even after their death and to whom we herewith pay our tribute: Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid, Mohamed Abdel al-Jabri, Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah.

We further address a number of recurrent questions which have arisen upon considering the transition from tradition to modernity. And we take a closer look at the Arab civilization in Andalusia, “the golden dream”.

Dear readers, against the background of the turbulent events in the Arab world, paying tribute to the courageous initiators and protagonists of the revolutions and of change, the focus of one of the coming issues will be on the following subject:

„The role of the young generation in developing the Arab world and their usage of modern communication”

By this the Ibn Rushd fund wants to call attention to the still unrecognised role of youth (and especially young women). Already the Ibn Rushd fund has set this direction by choosing the prize subject of 2010 and 2011 (blogger, journalist).

Authors are welcome to contribute with articles on this subject until 20. February 2012.

We wish you a good reading!

Abier Bushnaq
Editor-in-Chief 29. January 2012

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