Editorial – 5th issue Summer 2004


Dear readers!

We are most happy to be able to present to you some new interesting contributions from the Arab World. Please have a look!

Three articles go back to the 12th Century to trace back the relevance Ibn Rushd and Ibn Arabi might have in modern times. In his compact presentation Abeeb Salloum tries to characterize Ibn Rushd by understanding his work and influence in his time. Mohamed Mesbahi applies Postmodern theory on reinterpreting Ibn Rushd’s and Ibn Arabi’s work from a new modern perspective. Hakam Abdel-Hadi takes the occasion of the IBN RUSHD Prize 2003, awarded to Muhamed Arkoun, to deliberate on the reasons for deteriorated conditions and political failures in the presence.

Having the recent ill reputation of the Arab world in mind, which is increasingly seen as a breeding-place of terrorism, Balkis Hassan focuses her rage on the Arabs themselves. She demands relentless self-criticism, no other way would the Arabs be able to handle the situation that is getting out of control.

Hakam Abdel-Hadi has translated for us part of an interview that the German weekly Die ZEIT has had with the Palestinian writer Sahar Khalifa, who has been invited to Germany on February 2003.

Finally, the theory of post-colonial literature is being explained to us by an expert on the field, Khairi Douma, who has applied it on Tayyib Saleh’s novel “Seasons of Migration to the North” as example.
Have a good reading!

Abier Bushnaq

April 12th, 2004

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