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Prizes for Freedom of Thought in the Arab World


The IBN RUSHD Fund for Freedom of Thought will award a PRIZE to a living


Arab author

who has enriched modern engaged literature with outstanding writing

by recognising the mood of the times he compels his Arab readers to have a critical look at the problems of their time, heightening their awareness and encouraging them to shape their environment actively


The IBN RUSHD PRIZE for Freedom of Thought will be given to the prize winner in an official ceremony in Berlin, around the 10th of December, in commemoration of the of Ibn Rushds (Averroes) death and his heritage especially his appeal for freedom of thought and tolerance. Following the awarding there will be a press conference. The Prize amounts to 2500,-- EUR. The IBN RUSHD Fund agrees to pay a return flight to Berlin, board and lodging for 2-3 days.


Anyone interested can nominate a person whom he or she thinks would deserve the prize. Please send your proposal per letter or eMail before the 15th of July 2004 to the address below and attach a paper in which you explain the reason for your choice and information (short curriculum vitae) about your candidate.

These proposals will be passed on to the members of an independent jury who will select the winner from among the proposals.



The first IBN RUSHD Prize 1999 was given in Arab Media to Al JAZEERA TV Satellite Channel/Qatar. Among the last prize winners were the Palestinian parliamentarian Azmi Bishara and the Algerian social historian Mohammed Arkoun.




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